Our Values


The vision for Tender Care is to become the first and only choice for discerning, nurturing parents and teachers looking for an early child development and preschool home for themselves and their families.

We want our teachers to become known as the early education professionals. We accomplish this through annual, certified teacher trainings beyond the requirements of most child care programs and through our nationally recognized curriculum.


The mission of Tender Care is to help children prepare for a lifelong love of learning by providing each child a quality early care and educational experience. We seek organizational excellence by providing high quality services that meet or exceed licensing and recognized industry standards. We are The Early Education Professionals.


Our schools aim to replicate the nurturing atmosphere of home for children, providing them with familiar and high-quality experiences while utilizing their receptivity to new learning. We highly value parents’ insights and actively involve them as an integral part of the teaching team. By gathering information about each child’s temperament, schedule, and preferences, we tailor their daily plans to meet individual needs and encourage their interests.

Our program gently stimulates children to achieve their full potential, embracing developmental milestones with enthusiasm and joy. We strive to ensure numerous daily successful experiences to foster positive self-concepts and cultivate a lifelong love of learning.

We believe in equipping our teachers with a deep understanding of children’s growth and learning patterns. This knowledge enables them to anticipate developmental needs and create supportive environments and activities that encourage emerging skills without frustration or fear of failure.

As a people-oriented organization, we value our teachers and invest in their professional growth through thorough training and ongoing support. Our philosophy revolves around appreciating the contributions of every employee, fostering a culture of continuous learning.